About Us

Our History

Boissevain Select Seeds is a family owned farm and seed cleaning operation.Boissevain Select Seeds was started in 1971 by our father and grandfather A.J Froese. Wes and Elaine Froese took over the seed business in 1981 and Ian joined the operation in 2010. We are select seed growers who are innovators and early adopters of new varieties and technologies in the seed business. We specialize in spring and summer cereals, as well as oilseeds and pulses. In recent years we have also begun growing and selling soybean seed. We grow and sell most of the popular performing varieties of seed.



Looking Ahead

Our mission statement is to provide high quality seed for farmers, both in our area and beyond.With this in mind, looking forward, we can see exciting new varieties and technologies which will enable us to continue to provide the best products and services to our customers.


Our Team

Wes Froese – President / Manager

Elaine Froese – Support

Ian Froese – Production & IT Specialist

Ray Wabick – Equipment Operator & Maintenance